Why do I need beard oil?

There are any number of definitions when it comes to what constitutes a beard that looks good and feels good. For some, it’s a close-cropped stubble. For others, it’s a flowing masterpiece that wouldn’t look out of place in a Civil War-era photograph.

But no matter the style of beard, you want to be happy with how it looks. And you don’t want the skin underneath your beard to be dry or itchy. This is where beard oil comes in.

Just like you might use conditioner for the hair on your head, beard oil is applied for the purpose of making sure your beard – and your face – stay healthy in addition to being stylish.

What’s in beard oil?

So how does this magic potion do the things we just promised? Simple: Its combination of oils moisturizes the hair on your face and the skin underneath it. Native Americans used it for centuries to keep their beards healthy in harsh climates.

In the case of About Face brand beard oils, the two base oils are jojoba and grapeseed, both of which are excellent skin and hair conditioners. Jojoba oil is the most crucial ingredient – because it’s most like what’s produced naturally by your skin.

Then there are the essential oils, which not only provide pleasant scents, but also each have unique properties that contribute to hair and skin health.

What else does it do?

Well, since we covered the ways beard oil helps take care of the health of your beard and skin, there’s just one other obvious thing to talk about: making sure your beard looks good.

Even with a combing or brushing after you bathe, it’s not going to take long for a beard with any substantial length to get out of control on you. Whether it’s extra-bristly or just likes to fly off in a hundred different directions, the untreated beard can look like a bit of a mess.

That’s just how it is with coarse facial hair.

But when you apply beard oil – ideally right after getting out of the shower – it locks in moisture and keeps those beard hairs smooth and tame.

How do I use it?

While the amount of beard oil you need to apply varies depending on beard length, the process is pretty straightforward.

Pour a dime-sized amount of oil into your hand – increasing in “coin” size for longer beards – rub your hands together and then rub them through your beard, making sure to get down to the skin beneath. For shorter beards, this will be pretty easy to do, while you’ll really have to get the ol’ finger-combs going if your facial hair is on the fuller side.

After it’s all rubbed in, that’s a good time to use a brush or a comb to smooth things back toward a natural downward direction.

And that’s pretty much it.

So if you’ve got a beard, buy some beard oil today and start using it – that face of your will look and feel better than ever!

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