What’s up with all these different oils?

The word “oil” can mean a whole lot of things depending on the context. Are you repairing a leak in your car? Maybe whipping up a nice stir fry? Maybe none of those? Let’s say, in this case, that we’re talking about beard oil. (Note: Because that’s what we’re doing, talking about beard oil.)

Even if you’ve kinda, sorta heard about beard oil and how it’s good for your beard, you’re probably also wondering exactly what kind of oils are in beard oils and what they do. 

You might also be wondering why these particular oils are something you’d want to rub into your beard and face considering “oily” is not usually a good thing when it comes to skin.

Well, wonder no more.

Beard oil is basically made up of two kinds of oils: carrier oils and essential oils. Let’s break them down for you.

First, the carrier oils. For our trio of beard oil blends, we use two of the absolute best oils for your beard and skin since they’re going to make up the bulk of what you’re applying.

  • Jojoba oil – The liquid produced from the seeds of a desert shrub, it’s the oil that most closely mimics your skin’s natural oils (sebum). That means it makes for an awesome means of hydrating skin and hair, which keeps your beard soft, shiny and strong without greasing up or drying out what lies beneath.
  • Grapeseed oil – This incredibly light oil is known for its moisturizing properties, as well as the ability to tighten skin and close up pores, and prevent acne thanks to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

So if those are the carrier oils, what exactly are they carrying? Well, that would be the essential oils, super-potent distillations of various plants, herbs, etc.

They’re too strong to apply on their own, hence the need for carrier oils. And when combined, you get to make the most of bringing their various amazing attributes together.

Without revealing the exact recipes of our About Face beard oils, here is a list of some of the essential oils we use and why we use them:

  • Cedarwood essential oil – Prevents acne and dermatitis; decreases emotional stress.
  • Peppermint essential oil – Improves alertness, memory and concentration; lifts skin.
  • Clove bud essential oil – Full of antioxidants to maintain young, healthy skin.
  • Orange essential oil – Calming; uplifts mood; improves blood flow.
  • Lime essential oil – Mentally energizing; nourishes hair and regulates skin oils.
  • Lavender essential oil – Anti-anxiety and calming; fights acne; boosts hair and skin health.
  • Cypress essential oil – Prevents oily skin; tightens skin; relaxes nervous system.
  • Rosemary essential oil – Fights dandruff and dull skin; increases circulation; protects hair.

Each of our beard oil blends is formulated to best take advantage of combinations of these oils to care for your beard, your skin and your mind. Because there’s more to beard oil than just smelling like a lumber yard. As we like to say: Your beard deserves better.

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